Services we can offer are:   

 cartoon sweep

    • Multifuel/Woodburners with liner from                 £70 (unlined stoves/hatch access £90)
    • Inglenook fireplaces                                               £170 (flue cavity space up to 1.2m)
    • AGA/Rayburn                                                         £75 (flue only)
    • Twin wall flue systems with external trap              £75
    • Traditional open fire up to 65cm opening.             £70 (over 65cm £80)
    • Open fire with back boiler                                      £75
    • Metal box inset/jet master burner                           £80
    • Smoke draw test                                                     Free with every sweep
    • CCTV inspections                                                  £100 (including a sweep £150)
    • Advice on getting the best from your burner         Free with every sweep
    • Nest removal (Sept-Feb) from                               £160 (including a sweep & CCTV)
    • CO alarms                                                              £25
    • Burner re roping from                                            £50

 **blockages/additional time spent is charged at an hourly rate of £70 there after the first 45mins.

***all prices are based on one to two storey buildings - three or above incur an addition charge of £10 per storey.

**** Properties above ground floor (flats) are charged an additional £10 surcharge.

***** Please check the Areas we cover for additional charges.